Out with the old!

Michelle Gass, the company CEO, just announced that 28 stores in Minnesota would be shifting to a new 'Lifestyle' concept. No word on whether or not Bismarck's location will get a facelift, but keep your eyes open!

So, what does that even mean?

They don't want to be considered a department store anymore. Instead, they plan to focus on clothing, specifically casual and activewear. And hey, who doesn't love comfy clothes?!

According to CNN, Gass made the following statement to the company's investors.

"We're evolving our position from a department store to a more focused lifestyle concept centered around the active and casual lifestyle."

Anything else?

They are taking a page right out of JC Penny's playbook! CNN's report also claims Kohl's will soon be adding Sephora mini shops to 75 percent of their US locations. No complaints here! More makeup is more better!

Why the change?

CNN Business says money runs the game. This is their way of upping the ante. They want to give their competitors, like Amazon and Target, a run for their money... literally. Not only that, but they say it has a lot to do with so many people dressing down these days. - A result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, how significant will this change be?

CNBC reported that Gass said this would be a major shift.

"Make no mistake; this is a transformation. It is a complete reinvention of our business model and our brand."

What will happen to the other departments?

Well... we don't know. Not yet, anyway. They haven't announced whether or not the company will be getting rid of their bath, bedroom, and other departments, but anything could happen... Dun Dun Dunnnn!

How soon?

The company estimates the project to span over the next four years. We'll just have to wait and see what the fate will be for our Bismarck store.



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