For all of you weed legalization hopefuls, it looks as though North Dakota is one of the last states predicted to become a "green" community.

Marijuana has long been a popular drug for recreational use and medicinal purposes. States are slowly but surely taking the plunge in becoming pro-Mary Jane by legalizing it (Colorado and Washington, we're looking at you).

High Times, "the world's No. 1 resource for cannabis information and culture", analyzed the likelihood (or not) of other states to follow suit. California seems to be the most likely candidate to become a safe-haven for marijuana connoisseurs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they named the top 7 states they feel will be the last (if ever) to legalize the drug, including North Dakota. Other states least likely to become pro-weed are:

  • Iowa
  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Idaho
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Data from a survey taking place from 2002-2009 shows that North Dakota had a very low rate of monthly marijuana usage. Surprisingly, only 4.3% of the population was recorded as users of pot (I mean really, though, how many people would actually admit to it?). This low number makes it difficult to get the number of signatures needed to start a legalization initiative.

This being said we may never live in a state where marijuana is legal and openly accepted. Lucky for those of you who enjoy lighting up every now and then, Colorado is well within driving distance or just a quick flight away.

[Source: High Times]