Are you looking to become a homeowner? Well, if you are looking for a new place to call "home," North Dakota is kind of THEE place to be, at the moment. According to KFYR-TV, North Dakota has yet to be drastically impacted by the nationwide housing market shortage.

KFYR-TV is reporting that there is a nationwide housing market shortage because of the pandemic. The news story says that more people are purchasing homes because many are now working from home and interest rates are low as well. But that pandemic dilemma has not trickled in to North Dakota. But we are not exactly "home free" in this.

KFYR-TV is ALSO reporting that, while North Dakota's housing market has not seen the shortage that is affecting the county, there is still a slight shortage. But things like good prices and low interest make do it a good market for potential homebuyers. Get the full story here.

My fiance and I have talked about looking into homeownership. I have rented my entire adult life and I like things like not being responsible for mowing grass, shoveling snow, or a broken water heater. But, I know that owning a home of my own means I will not have to worry about things like pet deposits and rent, shared laundry rooms, and weird neighbors. I know, there are pros and cons to both living options!

Will you be looking for a new house in North Dakota, while prices and interest are low, during the pandemic?

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