It looks like Governor Doug Burgum is ready to throw hands (legally) over the North Dakota legislative seat that was won by the recently deceased Dave Andahl. The governor appointed Washburn coal executive Wade Boeshans to take Andahl's vacant seat. But Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem believes that the governor has overstepped his power by appointing Boeshans.

If you remember back to the election last week, Dave Andahl won a seat in the North Dakota legislature. Unfortunately, Andahl passed away on October 5th because of Coronavirus. But since he won, there is an open seat in the legislature, and Governor Burgum is ready to legally challenge Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem's opinion on the who has the authority to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. Get the full story on this North Dakota government drama here.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, last Friday, the governor went to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem "to appoint three attorneys with Vogel Law Firm in Bismarck to represent him 'on legal matters related to Legislative District 8's membership in the North Dakota House of Representatives.'" So, he is going to fight to fill the vacant seat with the person of his choice.

The Attorney General says that Andahl's seat should remain vacant until the District 8 Republicans' Executive Committee fills it. And the Governor says that is constitutionally able to "fill a vacancy in any office by appointment." Who is right, here?

The Bismarck Tribune reported that, as of  4:30 PM on Tuesday (November 10), a lawsuit was not yet filed. Do you think this dispute between North Dakota's Governor and Attorney General will actually turn into a full-on legal battle?

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