Winter weather has hit Bismarck-Mandan and vehicular chaos has ensued.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Bismarck-Mandan. And the towns have straight turned into ice skating rinks since yesterday's weather blew in. And, as per usual, quitting time driving and beyond became chaotic.

I saw a couple of wrecks and several near-wrecks after work yesterday.

The first wreck I saw yesterday was the aftermath of a vehicle tipped over on the exit to Bismarck Expressway, off the strip in Mandan. Not an hour later, I was on a sketchy drive on State Street when I saw that a van had slid up over a curb and into the grass near the Gateway Mall.

What can you do to drive safer on North Dakota's winter roads?

For some reason, already terrible North Dakota drivers become even worse drivers when the snow falls. But, there are ways to ensure safety while driving, even in the snow. I always pride myself on being an "aggressively defensive" driver and I have a near-perfect record (other than my seatbelt violations).

I have driven through horrible winter conditions in both Colorado and North Dakota, so I would say I know a thing or two about driving safely. When I am maneuvering icy roadways, I am always thinking at least three steps ahead, watching all the other drivers around me, and I do not drive too fast for the conditions. But, if you want some real expert guidance, you should check out these winter driving safety tips from Car and Driver.

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