A North Dakota woman is warning the public about her disturbing encounter at the Grand Forks Target.

I recently saw a disturbing Facebook post about a North Dakota woman's recent Target Pick-Up run. A woman named Liz Hoffner posted that she was parked in a pick-up spot when she noticed a man approaching her vehicle. Good thing she was paying attention because she was able to quickly lock her doors before the man made an attempt to enter her vehicle.

Liz's post states that the man then got into his vehicle and circled around the parking lot while her groceries were loaded into her car. The man then parked next to her and only drove off when Liz took a picture of his license plate. This nerve-wracking event happened at Target in Grand Forks.

Even in North Dakota, a person can never be too careful.

You would like to think that shady things like carjackings and kidnappings are not happening at places like your friendly neighborhood Target. But a person really can never be too careful. Liz Hoffner was only trying to get her pick-up groceries at a very busy store where there would surely be cameras and witnesses. Yet that did not stop some weirdo from attempting to enter her vehicle.

Have you ever had a weird encounter with a stranger in North Dakota?

I had a weird incident happen to me at Target in Minot when I was like 13 or 14. My friend and I had just seen the movie, Are We There Yet? at the Carmike in the Mall. By the time the movie was over, the mall was closed except for Target. So, my friend and I waited outside of Target for her mom to get us.

While we waited, a man came up and was talking to us, seeing what we were up to. I do not remember exactly what he asked us, but we were sketched out enough to go back into Target and wait. He followed us in and watched us through the double entry doors until my friend's mom showed up. He walked out after us when we went to the car.

Luckily, nothing happened that day, but I was always a little weirded out that the guy was so interested in talking to us and staring us down.

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