It's stories like this that make you smile if you're a deer hunter and a lover of family values. This story begins with a 5-year-old girl going hunting with her grandpa on opening day in Rock Springs, Arkansas. Grandpa fell asleep in the stand and was alarmed by the sound of gunshots. There it was, a record breaking deer that scored 357-7/8 inches by a local Boone and Crocket (B&C) official.

The little girl was playing with Barbie dolls and said she was putting her hair bow in the napping grandfather’s hair when she locked eyes on the deer. She tried to wake up Gramps, but was unsuccessful. So, she took it upon herself to shoot the deer. BANG! What a shot and what a deer!!  It took the two over 3 hours to remove the 400+ lb. deer from the field!

The jury is still out on whether or not the story actually rings true, but it's amusing, nonetheless! Even if it proves to be a farce, it's a fun story to entertain!

[Source: Rock City Times]