I'm kinda torn on this, let's see what you think. The house next door to you that was vacant is now about ready to be occupied. I obviously would want to know more about my new neighbor - but what if you find out he is a convicted sex offender? In a way, it's sort of hard to believe that police make it public knowledge of a creep of society - I'm all for it though. Do you think the public should the offender's exact address?

"Hey, honey looks like someone is moving in next door. Wonder if they have any kids?"

That's the innocent wishful thinking you have right up until you see the creepy news, on social media, or television. Just over a year ago, I remember reading about this -   KVRR reported that "A high risk sex offender has a new address in Fargo. Police tell us 41-year-old Cory Harmon is living at 1122 2nd Avenue South #6." There it is, in black and white -Now what?

The life of a sex offender

According to KVRR Harmon was convicted 10 years ago -in 2011 - "... for luring a minor by computer and possession of child porn" Part of his punishment will last quite a while, you see he will have to register as a sex offender the rest of his life. Everywhere he lives from now on will be public knowledge.

Are you curious how many sex offenders live near you in Bismarck/Mandan?

I can only imagine the genuine fear that swirls in your head when your kids first start going to school, or they are out playing outside. Especially with so many offenders that live in our area. You can find out who they are right here.

So what would you do? What can you do?

If you live next door to Cory Harmon, your blood pressure probably always runs high. You can move I guess, or just stay vigilant 24 hours a day. Sadly that seems to be your only two options.

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