The Coronavirus is keeping us stuck at home, so we can no longer do cool things like go out to dinner and drinks with the boys. It's been weeks, and it's not that easy. Now that we've been forced to eat all of our meals at home, restaurants only offer takeout options. Some of those takeout menus will now includes alcoholic beverage options.

KFYR-TV is reporting that the Mandan City Commission is allowing Mandan restaurants to sell alcohol on the takeout menu, as long as the alcohol is in a sealed container. But don't expect Mandan to look like the strip in Vegas anytime soon. Restaurants will only be able to sell alcohol TO-GO for the duration of the shutdown.

I don't know if I'm all that interested in ordering a specialty cocktail TO-GO. I mean, I can't have a few with my friends and my pets aren't going to drink with me. But I wonder if any restaurants will serve Quarantinis - you know, vodka and Emergen-C?


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