Scrolling through Facebook over the weekend, you may have seen this unusual post made by the owner of Bismarck's Noodlezip, Marty Lee:

We All Have Them

We all have bad days from time to time, but how often do you go back and apologize when you've been rude? -- I'll be honest, there are plenty of times where I haven't been my best self; unless I actually knew the person(s) I was rude to, I'd never track them down and offer a sincere apology.

Maybe it's one of those "Out of sight, out of mind" things.

I've actually met Marty Lee; my impression was that he is a very sweet, hard-working man. It's hard to imagine him being rude, but if that were the case, all I can say is...we're all human and it happens.

A Humble & Honest Apology

I have to applaud Mr. Marty Lee. It's not every day you see someone take ownership like this. It was an "I'm sorry, no excuses." --- A perfect apology.

When you're a well-known figure in town, this is especially hard to do. To sacrifice your ego on the alter of humility, is something very rare.


The Response

If you think this "rude" encounter Lee had with some of his customers would bring about backlash, you'd be wrong. Scrolling through the comments in his post, people have been nothing but supportive. Some have commented that he gained their respect.

His openness and sincerity is something many have found to be quite admirable.

I'm sure we've all looked at his gesture and thought of ways we can improve upon our own actions and behaviors.

So... thank you Marty Lee for being a class act. I hope the patrons you intended the post for will see it and accept your expression of regret.

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