As life expectancy continues to improve in the U.S., the median age throughout the country has slowly but surely been increasing. 24/7 Wall St. decided to go further and check which county in every state is the youngest.

In order to find the youngest county in each state, the median age for each county in North Dakota was calculated and measured up with how much of that county was enrolled in graduate, undergraduate, and trade schools, as well as what the population under five years old is. Based on this data, Sioux County is the youngest county in the state.

> Median age: 27.0
> State median age: 35.4
> Population under 5 yrs. old: 10.8%
> Enrolled in college: 4.2%

The youngest county in the country is in Lexington, VA, which as an independent city, is equivalent to a county. Lexington's median age is 21.4 years old. The oldest county is Androscoggin, ME, where the median age is 40.6 years old (higher than the national average median age).

So, in case you're wanting to hang out with some twenty-somethings, the northern parts of Sioux County are less than an hour south of Bismarck-Mandan.


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