The Coronavirus pandemic has caused all North Dakota restaurants to close their dining areas. Innovation made it possible for us to continue dining out, while practicing safe social distancing. One of those restaurants, Stonehome, came up with a way to make our new "dining out" experience fun for the whole family.

KFYR-TV is reporting that Stonehome in Bismarck is offering kids' pizza kits, filled with all the necessary ingredients to make a pizza. You can get a kit by ordering an entree. Thinking of ordering? Get Stonehome's TO-GO menu here.

It's still surreal that there's not much to do outside of the house. While I love cooking at home, I never knew how much I'd miss being able to go out for dinner and a drink with my friends and loved ones. While it's not ideal to spend so much time away from society, it's nice that restaurants are adapting to the current world situation.

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