Eric Jacobs, YouTube star, came through Bismarck this week.

As part of his year-round traveling tour, YouTuber Eric Jacobs, known for his RV and pet cat, Jax (no relation), made his way through the Bismarck area while making the drive through North Dakota.

Jacobs has almost 82,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and gets an average of about 35,000 views for his videos. His unique experiences in different parts of the country are what make up his videos which works well for his RV traveling lifestyle.

Jacobs began with no intention of recording his experiences throughout his travels. He wanted only to give RV tips. But after following other YouTubers who were camera friendly, he gained more confidence with what he could show in his videos.

In an interview with The Bismarck Tribune, Jacobs says, “I started to get a lot more positive feedback when I was showing my cat. So then I realized, maybe half of my channel could be a little more personal related with me and Jax. That’s kind of how I branched out into doing daily vlogging.”

Pet lovers make up a core demographic for Jacobs.

“People love the idea that, wow, I can travel and have a pet that’s happy on the road; and I don’t have to talk to humans, I can just talk to my cat all the time,” Jacobs said. “We’ve grown a very special bond on the road, and that’s why the front co-pilot seat is converted to a cat seat for him to keep on everything as we drive.”

Check out the video below for a sample of what Eric and Jax are up to on the road.

Credit: [Nomadic Fanatic] via [YouTube]