I have argued over everything- getting pulled over,not agreeing with a coworker,in my relationships, in relating with my family. Like a walking storm I could hop into any argument with my blood pressure raised, stress boiling out of my skin into breakouts and body shaking. Arguing and fighting actually seemed normal, intensity,insult, volatile emotional roller coasters. I can't tell you why this was so comfortable- the loudness, the meanness,  the lack of respect, just arguing for someone to be right and someone to be wrong.

Recently I have had the luck of encountering a lot of situations where I had the choice to argue or not. Sometimes I have jumped the cliff and gone head first into the argument wasting too much energy and time. I also have stepped back taken 10 seconds to breath, ask myself what is important in this situation and not freaked out.

My emotional intensity is awesome when channeled but also feels like fire if I get reactionary to my external environment. Once you see your pattern of how you react you now have insight to change your behavior. Next time an annoying situation,person,incident happens you do not have to react to it. You can let it go as quickly as it appears,giving the situation no power.

Sorry I won't be engaging in any emotional wars, heated debates, stomp my feet and scream loud arguments. I have better things to do and I rather have conversations to hear where people are coming from, take the time to listen and chill out.