It has become well known that North Dakota natives have an accent, but what I didn't realize is how many of our words are not translated the same across the United States.

Take a look at a list of words that we have given a special definition to over the years.


  • 1


    Definition: A place to meet up with friends and enjoy a few beers (although, we enjoy this as well!)

    Our Definition: A type of dessert that usually consists of Rice Krispies and peanut butter. My mom still calls her friends weekly to come over for 'coffee and bars.'

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  • 2


    Definition: A light, explosive sound.

    Our definition: A carbonated, sugary drink known everywhere else as soda.

  • 3

    "Shorts Weather"

    Definition: 65-70 degrees outside, sunny.

    Our definition: 40 degrees or above, especially after a long winter! Anything will feel like 80 degrees after that!

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  • 4


    Definition: It's rare anyone will know what this is outside of North Dakota or Minnesota.

    Our Definition: A popular potluck item consisting of a meat, starch, canned soup and vegetables.

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  • 5

    Snow Day

    Definition: A day off from school, or work, if there is the slightest bit of snow falling from the sky.

    Our Definition: Almost unheard of, possibly if there's more than 3 feet of snow. However, we all know someone with a snow plow attached to their vehicle.

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  • 6


    Definition: Equality among everyone, no cheating.

    Our Definition: The best part of the summer. You can go on rides, eat your weight in cheese curds and corn dogs and listen to live music.

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  • 7

    The Cities

    Definition: Referring to more than one city at a given time.

    Our Definition: Minneapolis-St. Paul, a very popular vacation destination.

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  • 8

    Puppy Chow

    Definition: Food for your puppy.

    Our Definition: Chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar covered Chex Mix, also known as the greatest snack food ever created.

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  • 9


    Definition: Sandy shore next to an ocean.

    Our Definition: A mix of sand and rock next to any body of water including the Missouri River or a lake.

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  • 10


    Definition: A gathering where meat and other foods are cooked on a grill. We decided to simply call this, grilling.

    Our Definition: A ground beef sandwich with tomato and spices. Others may call this a sloppy joe.