With all the deserving entries for this year's Christmas With Us, it was hard to choose just one grand gift winner. However, we asked for your help and we have our 2015 recipient! 

The Simnioniw family will receive the grand gift package thanks to our generous sponsors of this year's Christmas With Us. Take a look at their story:

Ben was diagnosed with Stage 3 Signet Cell Colon Cancer in October 2013. He underwent a colon resection and 6 months of chemotherapy. We were told his cancer was in remission after his chemo was completed. We unexpectedly became pregnant with our 3rd child during this time.

In January 2015, Ben started having symptoms of his cancer again. A tumor was found growing from his previous surgery area on his intestines. He had another colon resection and we found out that little tumors “too numerous to count” were spread throughout his abdomen. In March 2015, Ben went to Fargo for an extensive surgery, the HIPEC, to remove as much cancer as possible and put chemo directly into his abdomen. We were told by the surgeon that Ben’s cancer is very aggressive and that we were “just buying him more time” before the cancer took over. Ben recovered from the surgery and continued on with various chemo regimens.

Despite all our fighting and efforts, Ben’s cancer had spread throughout his abdomen sheeting all his intestines and organs and producing fluid into his belly. Ben had run out of all the chemo options available to him and was tired of spending his precious time in the hospital. On November 10, 2015, Ben came home on Hospice end of life care so he could spend what little time he had left with his two girls and baby boy. His wife, Carrie stopped working to take care of Ben and their three children.

Simnioniw Family

The Simnioniw family reminds us all how important it is to cherish your time with your loved ones. The person who nominated Ben and his family wrote:

Ben and his wife have always been there to lend a hand in time of need. Now they need a helping hand. Please help the Simnioniw family make this Christmas a little brighter by choosing them for this wonderful contest.

Thanks to all who voted and our wonderful sponsors, we are able to make Christmas a little brighter. This is truly what the holiday season is all about.