People have been moving less and less since COVID-19. According to an article from our friends at WalletHub, only 8.4% percent of Americans moved last year in 2021.  That's down significantly prior to 2020.

WalletHub recently did a study comparing all 50 states and 52 indicators of liveability.  Some of those categories include housing costs, income growth rates, education, quality health care, safety, affordability, and quality of life.

As you probably guessed, North Dakota is nowhere near "The Suckiest States to Live In."  If the weather was a category, it might have hurt our cause a little bit.  Where North Dakota finished in the survey in just a little bit.

First, let's run down the worst of the worst.  The suckiest of the sucky.  The 10 worst states to live in America.

10th Suckiest-West Virginia-poor economy

9th Suckiest-Kentucky-bad economy and health care.

8th Suckiest-Alabama-bad education

7th Suckiest-Oklahoma-poor education and health.

6th Suckiest-South Carolina-public safety is a big concern.

5th Suckiest-New Mexico-lots of crime.

4th Suckiest-Arkansas-quality of life and safety is a concern.

3rd Suckiest-Louisiana-poor education system.

2nd Suckiest-Alaska-extremely expensive to live there.

The #1 Suckiest Place To Live In America-Mississippi-education, quality of life, and healthcare are all bad.

So, where did North Dakota come in?  

Before we get to that, let's take a look at the states around us.

Minnesota came in as the 9th BEST to live in.  South Dakota came in at the 21st BEST state to live in.  Montana is the 19th BEST state to hang your hat in, and finally, North Dakota came in as the 18th BEST state to live in.  Not so sucky after all.

The BEST state to live in?  Massachusetts.  

Something rather interesting.  All of the suckiest states to live in are in the south.  I guess warm weather doesn't necessarily translate to a better life.


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