We are quickly ( not quick enough for some people ) approaching summer...

...and when I was a kid, growing up in San Diego, California, the SUMMER meant TWO things - no school, and a vacation with my family. For us, it was just a simple hour-and-a-half drive to Disneyland, in Anaheim, California. I never gave it much thought until I was much older, but OUR vacations usually lasted but one day - following asleep in the back of our car, on the way home late at night was the tradition.

2023 Best Summer Travel Destinations

WalletHub.com is pretty cool, almost every day it seems they put out a list on all kinds of different topics. They always have facts and figures to back up their articles - for example -  2023 Best Summer Travel Destinations  - "Here is a list of 100 Best Places To Visit In The Summer - according to walletHub.com WalletHub developed a ranking of the cheapest U.S. destinations that are also the easiest to reach. In total, we analyzed 100 of the largest metro areas across 41 key indicators. Our data set ranges from the cost of the cheapest flight to the number of attractions to the average price of a two-person meal"    Ok I get it. I scanned this list and found myself mystified that this North Dakota marvel was NOT mentioned.

I can't think of a more perfect getaway than Medora

Just a relaxing 2-hour drive from BisMan, Medora is perfect. You won't have to hassle about catching a flight,  you can camp out there, go shopping, and golf at Bully Pulpit. Don't forget about the outdoor entertainment at one of their live shows - or how about this? Just a simple walk and find yourself gawking at the beautiful landscape....I mean come on, you got Smog-Angeles and Long Beach California on this list,  which will gauge you with dirty air, and over expensive everything. Well hey, maybe it's a good thing you keep North Dakota's paradise a secret - keep the crowds away.



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