A few weeks ago, we were brutally honest about the things men do while dressing themselves that we simply hate. But in the interest of keeping up that same brutal honesty, we have to admit that we ladies are not exactly innocent of committing crimes against fashion either. So what should we keep in mind while picking out  that killer outfit in the morning?

Wear What Truly Fits

Ladies please, stop obsessing over the number or the letter on the tag; it should only be used to determine where to start when trying on clothes. If it doesn't actually fit, go up or down a size as needed. And we're especially begging you not to choose between two of anything based solely on which is the smaller size. Newsflash: while that might make you feel smaller in your mind, it will make you look bigger, not to mention insecure with who you are. Big is beautiful, but bulges and strained seems are not, and the most unattractive thing of all is insecurity. Wearing what truly fits will streamline your figure and highlight your best features, instead of creating lumps and bumps that aren't even there by squeezing too tight and stretching too far. One of our favorite fashion quotes is something Joan Rivers says in a promo for her show Fashion Police: "Honey, just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits." And all of this goes for the skinny girls too. Don't buy the wrong size because you think you're not "curvy" enough - this is just as unflattering as doing it the other way around. Finally, by all means, do not fall in to the trap of believing you can get away with anything because you're thin. This often leads to outfits that are... well, less than classy.

Cool It on the Self-Tanner!

The healthiest way to tan at all, winter or summer, is to use self-tanner; and, especially in an environment with invariably long, cold winters, keeping a nice healthy bronzed look year-round is impossible any other way. But the key words here are nice and healthy - notice we did not mention the words orange or leatheryJersey Shore/Oompa-Loompa-chic is yet another way to shout out to the world just how insecure you are - or at least will appear to be. Like most fashion faux pas, it very simply says, "Trying Too Hard," and as a result, it has the opposite effect of the one you were going for. Any self-tanner worth its salt will instruct you to apply in thin layers, pausing between each (for, like, a day - we're not kidding) to let it sort of "set in". Where to stop depends on your personal tastes and your original skin tone, but in general, you want to aim for a nice golden-brown or bronze. Choose not to take your cues from anyone on any MTV reality show, and you're already on the right track.

Just Because it's In Style Doesn't Mean it's for You 

Next time you go to the mall, sit and people-watch for ten minutes, and count how many people you spot that are wearing things that are hot right now - but just don't look right on them. Most of these are young girls who simply don't know any better yet (relax, we're not saying you all do it), but no one is immune to this mistake. Just ask yourself some simple questions: Does this color compliment my skin tone, or does it wash me out? Is this cut flattering to my figure, or does it distort it in an unattractive way? Is this pattern too overwhelming on me? Does this accessory look out of place? Try not to obsess; the first rule of fashion is to wear what makes you happy. Just put a moderate amount of thought in to it. Don't throw something on just because its the thing right now, especially if it makes a bold statement. Ask yourself first if it's a statement you really want to make. Last but not least, if it makes you feel silly, it's not for you, no matter how great it looks on other people.

Develop an "Inner Ear" Within Your Sense of Fashion

Our sense of balance keeps us from literally falling on our faces every time we take a step. Maintaining balance in that with which we decorate ourselves can keep us from falling on our face in a more figurative, and fortunately less life-threatening, sense. Doing this is simple - just think of everything as a whole that can be divided in half. You want to maintain balance when applying makeup: if you're wearing bold eyes, you want to stick with muted lips; if your lips are bright, keep your eyes neutral. You want to balance your clothing: if you're wearing a pretty flowy top, choose a pair of pants or a skirt that is more structured and fitted; if you're wearing a close-fitting top, go with a fuller skirt or a boot-cut pant. Also, pair low-cut tops with a modest hemline and vice versa - a daring hemline should go with a more demure top. Lastly, accessories should be balanced: pick just one statement piece - a colorful bib necklace, an armful of bangles or a cuff, big swingy earrings - and keep the rest simple or non-existent. As for bags and shoes, either pick one with which to go bold and keep the other muted, or they should match precisely. Your shoes and your bag should never compete.