Speeding isn't the only thing you need to watch out for. You might want to make sure your license plate isn't going to get you pulled over.

There are several things that may get you in trouble. To help you out, I put together a list of reasons your plates could get you pulled over.

Let's Dive In


#1. Dirty

This is something you see rather frequently in North Dakota. Many of us live on dirt roads, and it doesn't take long for your car to get covered in dust and dirt. If it's not that, it's snow and ice. You definitely want to stay vigilant on keeping at least one part of your car clean... your plates.

Well, I guess you'd also want to keep your windshields clean too; seeing where you're going is probably the first concern.

If an officer comes up behind you and can't read run your plates because the view is obstructed, you may get a ticket.


#2. Lights

I'm of the opinion that if you get pulled over for a tag light being out, this cop really doesn't like you. In any case, it is a thing.

Tag lights allow police officers to read your plate in the dark.


#3. Frames

We all love to add a little personality and enjoy a little razzle dazzle.

Don't let your glitter license plate frame get you in trouble! Make sure it isn't blocking the view of the numbers and/or registration sticker.



#4. Two Plates

According to North Dakota Century Code 39-04-11, you must have two visible plates on your car at any given time.

I say this, but every single day I see someone driving around without back plates. Tip: if you're going to ride around with only one plate, you better make sure it's the back one.



#5. No Sticker

I'm sure you are very aware you need a registration sticker on your car. Beware: there have been incidents where people have peeled them off of other people's cars.

Cut and "X" in it so it is hard to remove.

There You Have It!

If you're a seasoned driver, I'm sure you're aware of these rules, but if you're new to the rules of the road, I hope this helps you!


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