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It started as a text message in the HOT 975 studio last night that said "sad day...ND lost 2 guys today in Afghanistan, one is from Bismarck and an Impact Fighting Championship guy Tyler, he was a nice kid". My response was "Super sad...great loss, lots of prayers, let me know how the family's are doing and what they need".  The text back read "A lot of crying fighters this weekend". I text back "Thank you for texting me what happened I want to do something to honor Spc. Tyler Orgaard, Sgt.Darren Linde and Spc.Ian Charles Placek. How are you holding up?" the text message read back "Chris Hugh and David Patch are remembering Tyler's life in pictures on FB and with written tributes".

I opened Facebook last night and in front of my face I saw North Dakota cry,grieve, pray together over the lives of Tyler, Darren, Ian and the 818- the North Dakota National Guard 818th Engineer Company.

From the North Dakota National Guard " It is with great sadness that we bring you news tonight of the deaths of two of our ND National Guard brothers who were killed in action in Afghanistan. We will never forget the service and sacrifices of Sgt. 1st Class Darren M. Linde and Spc. Tyler J. Orgaard, as well as that of their families. Please also keep Spc. Ian Placek, who was wounded in the attack, in your thoughts and prayers, as well as the rest of the 818th Engineer Company as they continue to work to save lives on their route clearance missions".

ND National Guard specialist Trina Mickelson "Thoughts and prayers for the families and Soldiers with the 818."

Proud US Military Mom's Facebook "Sending prayers to this unit and their families.Tomorrow is Shout Out Wednesday to our Troops, I would like to dedicate this Shout Out to My Son Brennan and the 818th Sappers Co, we have had a tragedy, a Roadside bomb and killed at least 3 Soldiers and some maybe wounded, news is still coming in..To the Family of the Fallen and the family of the 818th and the Soldiers, Know that we are here, we are praying for you, and We Love You..God Be With You All..Please take a moment and give a note of support or prayer..Thank you and God Bless To Our Fallen Heroes, Wounded Soldiers and Our Deployed Troops, I light this Candle for you.."OUR HEROES"

Impact Fighting Championship posted this memorial to Tyler
Impact Fighting Championship FB

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple  “Our hearts and prayers are with their families as they grieve the loss of their loved ones. Our thoughts are also with Spc. Placek as he recovers from his injuries. We will never forget these heroes or the last full measure of devotion they gave in defense of our homeland and our way of life".

Here is my heart to Tyler Orgaard- Tyler you are amazing, you are a hero to the world. Your life was just beginning graduating from Century in 2011, you were a fighter that made everybody in the gym better because you were there. You were meant to fight and lead which brought you to the North Dakota National Guard.Your mom Josie and dad Jessie knew that they were giving America their best gift, their son and you went out boldly and humbly to protect us. You put freedom and brotherhood on your shoulders and we lift you up to say thank you,thank you,thank you, thank you. Your life, your sacrifice, your heart will never be extinguished.

To Sgt.Darren Linde I cannot imagine the hole in the heart of your wife,children, ND National Guard, state and country. Tours in Iraq, serving in the Montana Army National Guards, an instructor at the North Dakota National Guard 164th Regional Training Institute how many lives you have touched and saved. You lived sacrifice, you went forward in service in spite of risk or fear, you led, you protected,guided and stood up to serve and protect our country. Your life was an example of what any of us could ever hope to be, a hero, a husband, a father, friend. Your courage, fearlessness, commitment will never be forgotten and your arms and life were strong enough to carry us all. We lift your life up and your family, in every way we hope we can give back to you and your family with all you sacrificed for us to be right here at this moment.

Spc. Ian Charles Placek we are praying for you, your family and the 818 for a speedy recovery. Thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us, we stand with you on your road to recovery and we lift you up to know we are cheering you on.

Please add your love, thoughts, words, feelings, condolences for Spc.Tyler Orgaard, Sgt.Darren Linde and for Spc. Ian Charles Placek who is recovering.