With every passing day, I find myself falling more and more in love with my new hometown. Yesterday, I was given an example of the generosity that I have come to find commonplace here that would have been impossible to find anywhere else I've lived.

My son started school this year. For the first couple of weeks, my wife and I have been sharing responsibility of getting him to and from school. I take him to school in the morning before I come into the office. My wife then walks with our daughter to pick him up after school since I am live in the studio and can't always get away.

Yesterday was the hottest it's been since he started school. As my wife was walking back from the school with the kids, an older lady came out of her house and met them. She offered to give my wife and the kids a ride home. She said she had seen her walking many times and thought the heat might be too much for our kids to be out in. After politely declining a couple of times, my wife finally accepted the offer and got a ride back to the apartment. After many thanks, the lady went on her way.

When I got home last night, I was told about this adventure and was blown away by the generosity. Unfortunately, my son forgot his backpack in the nice lady's car. By this time, it was already bedtime so we decided I would just drop by her house in the morning to get it.

While driving my son to school the next morning, I stopped by the house to retrieve the backpack. Before I could leave, both her and her husband insisted we exchange phone numbers, saying, "If you or your wife ever need us to give you or the kids a ride to or from school, we'll be more than happy to do so!" Wow. This isn't something that would really happen in my hometown of Seattle.

Bob & JoAnne - I am grateful for the kindness and generosity you've shown to my family when we were complete strangers. It warms my heart knowing there are still plenty of good people in the world.

This, among many other reasons since I've moved here, is just another reason I've come to love living in the Bismarck-Mandan area!

With all the seemingly bad press the area gets, we want to hear from you and why you love living here. Leave your answer below!