You can get a subscription for almost everything under the sun these days. You can even get a subscription of cookies sent to you. Not only that, you can get a subscription of LOCALLY MADE cookies. KFYR-TV recently reported a story about a woman in Bismarck who uses her creativity to make "unconventional" cookies.

According to KFYR-TV, Witney Nielson, owner of and creator for Unconventional Cookies, kind of accidentally became a successful cookie artist. The story about Witney says that she once baked a batch of cookies, for a fundraiser, that turned into a blob. So, she made a phone call to her good friend and fellow baking enthusiast for some lessons in cookie baking. Then, she began decorating the cookies. Get the full story from KFYR-TV here.

After reading about Unconventional Cookies, I had to go browse their website. I found myself scrolling through pictures upon pictures of unique and beautifully decorated sugar cookies. Seriously, I have never seen some of Witney Nielson's ideas on cookies before. My favorites that I found were the "Friends" cookies and the cornhole ones.

Another unique aspect about Unconventional Cookies is that they offer cookie subscriptions. That might be a good Christmas gift idea for the cookie lover in your life. Check out Unconventional Cookie's website for more information on the cookies and the background of Witney Nielson's journey to creating crafty cookies.

Have you ever tried the "unconventional cookies" from Unconventional Cookie?

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