As you've undoubtedly heard by now, Mandan was recently named 'Most Patriotic Small Town in America' by Rand McNally, an honor that is much deserved.

As a quick recap, Rand McNally was looking for the 'Best of the Road' and sent teams of people to small towns across the country to find the 2013 Best Small Towns in America. After receiving a significant number of nominations, Rand McNally visited with locals, took photos, and shared stories to capture the unique spirit of each town. This year, towns were eligible to win in six categories:

  • Most Beautiful
  • Most Fun
  • Most Patriotic
  • Friendliest
  • Best Food
  • Best for Geocaching

Much to the surprise of nobody (at least not anyone from around here!), Mandan came out on top in the Most Patriotic category after the 2-month voting period. Now the city needs your help!

A patriotic video tribute is going to be produced about Mandan, and we need ideas for how to highlight the city, specifically our year-round commitment to the military. Our events certainly celebrate them, but we want to show how we celebrate them all year long!

Please take a few minutes and leave your ideas below. Let's show the rest of the country why Mandan is, in fact, the Most Patriotic Small Town in America!

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