DoorDash is offering alcohol delivery in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

DoorDash recently made a big delivery announcement - residents in 20 states and the District of Columbia will be able to have alcohol delivered right to their doors through the company. Of course, I had to hop on the DoorDash app and see if I could get a dozen bottles of Pink Moscato delivered to my doorstep immediately.

Is DoorDash's alcohol delivery option available in North Dakota?

I can't find where DoorDash announced which 20 states will have the service, but I can tell you right now, you won't find that particular service from them in North Dakota. You also won't find it in Montana, South Dakota, or Minnesota! So, are there any alcohol delivery options available in North Dakota?


Are there other alcohol delivery options in the state?

I called Walmart in Bismarck JUST to see if I could do so much as order alcohol for car side service, and I was told that the only alcohol-related things a person can order would be mixers. One place you can purchase curbside alcohol locally is Williquors!

North Dakota is always among the last of the states to get anything new, modern, or different.

I do not know how the 20 states were picked, but as per usual, North Dakota is behind the times! I remember when Uber was first popular, the state wanted nothing to do with it. Not like it matters now that we do have that option - good luck finding rideshare options at any important time in this state. I digress.

It might be a good idea to offer alcohol delivery services in North Dakota. Our state does lead the nation in most DUIs per capita. Why wouldn't we try to curb that?


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