Ever get the urge to drink blood? Go ahead, try it out! Oh, you don't? Well, maybe injections are the way to go, then.

Scientists at Harvard and Stanford Universities have discovered that injections of GDF11, called the "youth protein," may help slow -- or even put off -- the advancement of Alzheimer's Disease.

Studies on mice have found that those injected with the protein showed signs of significant improvement in brain and muscle function, which are the very things GDF11, which circulates in the blood, is meant for. GDF11 is produced in abundance in young people, but disappears as we age.

When injected with the blood of younger mice, the older specimens showed marked improvement in strength, memory, and learning abilities. This means that, in addition to improving the symptoms of those living with Alzheimer's, GDF11 may also be the key to the elusive "Fountain of Youth."

Scientists are hoping to begin human trials by 2017.