As sad as it is to say, a woman who lets her guard down is at risk of losing her life.

It is not like there are many legitimate excuses to take the life of another human being. And, if you follow any true crime cases, you know there are levels of "disgusting" when it comes to murder. The manner in which a Minnesota woman named Amanda VanGrinsven had her life stolen from her is horrifying beyond comprehension.

Amanda had reportedly been drinking at her place of work with the man who allegedly murdered her.

According to Daily Beast, shortly before Amanda went missing and turned up dead, she was drinking with a man named Richard Melvin at the Isanti, Minnesota VFW where she worked. The pair were reportedly drinking and having a good time, being flirty and handy. Her coworkers' concerns about Richard Melvin's intentions were validated when Amanda never showed up to work the next day.

After Amanda's body was found, Richard Melvin was arrested at a mental health facility.

Amanda went missing on August 5th, Isanti police discovered a body on August 10th, and on August 17th, the department confirmed in a press release that the body was Amanda's. Melvin was reportedly also arrested on August 17, days after he checked himself into a St. Cloud mental health facility.

Women have to always have to be on the lookout for their own safety.

Sadly, we have to be aware that anyone can be a predator. Amanda is gone because someone built up her trust, got her to let her guard down, and took advantage of her in the most sickening way possible. Anybody could have been in Amanda's situation while out for a night of drinking and fun that night. No matter where you are, stay safe.

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