It's never too early to start thinking about one of my favorite holidays.  This holiday is right behind Thanksgiving and Christmas in my book.  That's right, Halloween is a holiday I look forward to every year.  Any holiday where you don't have to buy presents is a good one in my book.  By the way, it's only 112 days till Halloween as a type this article.

What's not to love right?  You get to dress up anyway you want, and for one evening of the year, nobody can judge you. Not to mention, the parties, scary movies on TV, and decorations.

So, it only makes sense we have a store that's strictly devoted to all things Halloween in Bismarck.  Can you guess WITCH one?  Introducing SPIRIT coming to Kirkwood Mall.  The sign in the window said the store is set to open up in August of 2022 (next month).

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Checking out their website, they bill themselves as "The Worlds Number One Halloween Costume Store."  Yes, they are a costume store, but they also have decorations, animatronics (if you really want to up your outdoor decorations game), movies, gaming and so much more.  Yep, this store just SCREAMS fun.  Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but there's something pretty special about the spooky fun of Halloween.

Kirkwood Mall continues to add store after store of late both inside the mall and outside of the mall in their parking lot.  It's so good to see a mall with so much life when shopping malls elsewhere else continue to dry up and fade away.


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