As an animal lover, my heart breaks anytime I hear a story of animal cruelty. And it is maddening to know that there are people in North Dakota who have no issue with torturing and/ or slaughtering animals. Did you hear about the dog that was murdered in Gardena?

Yes, MURDERED. While recovering from my food coma on Thanksgiving, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across the disturbing story on my newsfeed.  A man in Gardena, North Dakota posted two pictures of his beautiful pup, Apollo. One picture was of Apollo being a happy boy, the other was of him shot dead in a field.

Apollo's owner, Joshua, posted on Facebook, asking why someone would do such a thing to his kids' best buddy. And on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, to boot! WARNING: this link may be too disturbing for some viewers. Proceed with caution.

Gardena is not a big town, according to Google, there are about 88 people who live there. In my small town experience, it is not uncommon to see a dog roaming freely. Towns like that are usually fairly safe places for pets to do a little exploring. Most of the time in a town that small, everyone knows the dog and would never consider killing it for wandering around.

Why is this going on in North Dakota? Apollo's story is is far from the first devastating story about brutality towards animals A quick Google search on the topic will reveal sad stories about the ruthless slaughter of animals in our state. And this type of thing may be a Class C felony, but it is clearly not easy to catch someone who does it. Is there anything that can actually be done, in North Dakota, to bring justice to voiceless animals that have been harmed?

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