The North Dakota Legislature has been busy, so busy that some people were led to believe that the next thing to be decided was what type of underwear you could wear. Read the email I received as a public issue.

"ND bans string underwear.

I was shocked to read this article, me being a "string wearer".  I don't understand how the government could govern what type of underwear we wear. Do they not realize that it just may lead to more free ballers and public moonings. How is a girl gonna wear yoga pants with "full panties" on? I believe the answer to that is their not gonna wear any panties. If this passes will a person get a fine for wearing these so called "scanty panties" (governor jack dalrymple) so officers are gonna be like "mam im gonna have to confiscate those string panties from you because they are illegal...." If the issue they are having is with abortion than how can they say that string panties lead to abortion? I believe that a girls string underwear is not what leads to teen abortion but it may be horny kids with curiosity.  ND will be the laughing stock of the nation if the string panty law passes. Who would have thought that we may just live to see the day were thongs are on the black market. Hahaha underground thong dealers will have panties in all colors, styles , and even ones with cute little kitties on them! This is absolutely ridiculous! I would love to hear your input on this issue and the thought of others.


A concerned bismarck "scanty panty" wearer

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In spite of the high alarm of this email, you can keep wearing your thongs and strings. Apparently "Scanty Panty Wearer" wanted me to lose my mind on the Radio and advocate thongs for everyone!

Happy April Fool's and prank on!