Almost starting to feel that way, isn't it?

Here is the thing real quick, my very first observation of what North Dakota was like when I landed in Minneapolis  ( besides thinking of the obvious - the cold ) "Look at all these huge mini-mountains of snow" - They were everywhere, off to the side of a hotel, in parking lots of stores, and alongside almost every stretch of neighborhoods. My boss at the time told me they would probably all melt by the time May rolled around ( this was 9 years ago, this month ) - Welcome to North Dakota, right?

Lately, I have been seeing more and more posts about where to dump all the extra smile that has been hitting us

We could break the all-time snowfall record of 101.6 inches set back in 1996-97 here in Bismarck - so far as of today( March 13th ) we are around 9 inches short of that. A co-worker of mine, Scott McGowan, made a good point by saying "He's okay with it if WE don't break the record" - come to think of it, so am I. Many people are posting on Facebook that Bismarck and Mandan are running out of room to dump all the excess snow.



The question is -"Where to put it all?"

“I’m having a lot of trouble finding where to put it because I don’t have very much room to put any more snow,”  - that is a typical response from a BisMan resident - Steven Schneider had that to say to  Remember what I said about the neighborhood piles along the street? "Bismarck Public Works has been trying to widen streets. It isn’t an easy job because there are already piles towering over both sides of the road"

Hopefully, the end is near ( hurry up summer )


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