Just like that, football is over. I am not even a fanatic and I think this season flew by. Whether you were going for the Chiefs or 49ers (or you were just happy the Patriots weren't there), it's a little sad that we have to wait another seven months before football season is back. If it helps ease your sorrows, the NFL draft is April 23rd. Also, March Madness is on its way.

It would appear that the aftermath of a MAJOR Sunday evening football game really takes its toll on working Americans. This morning, I learned that the day after Super Bowl Sunday has been referred to as Super Monday Sick Day. In fact, there have even been petitions, over the years, to declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

There is a new survey that says 40% of Americans at work are sleep deprived today, due to Super Bowl fun. Also, 17.5 million Americans called in to work today, while another 11.1 million arrived late to work. As a result of Super Monday Sick Day, American businesses will be out $5.1 billion today.

Just looking at those numbers makes me think we should make this particular Monday a nationally recognized holiday. One more national holiday can't hurt. Who doesn't love a three-day weekend, anyway?

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