Beyonce just launched her 65-date Mrs. Carter World Tour in Serbia (April 15), but what people are talking about are her faux nipples. Headlights, man. They get more media coverage than Justin Bieber's drama! But then again, these are no ordinary nips. 

Bey wore a glittery and gilded skintight costume that looks like a figure skater's outfit. Still, it is decidedly Bey. But she showed off some seriously large and erect nips. Was it freezing cold on stage? Or was Bey making a point, quite literally? It's definitely the latter -- those things are not real!

Fake nipples are a "thing" and they turn heads – as Samantha from 'Sex and the City' reminded us is an episode of the series. Actually, our pals at Jezebel reminded us of this episode, which you can watch here.

In other non-nipple news, Bey is allegedly stalling on releasing a new single since she is battling herself and her perfectionism. She wants the new single to be as good as her (arguably) biggest hit 'Single Ladies,' so she is treating the first taste of the new album with the utmost care.

A source said, “Beyonce is a perfectionist – and her biggest competition is herself. She won't put anything out as her first single until she's 100 percent sure it will be a classic. She’s putting pressure on herself for it to be a hit of 'Single Ladies' caliber, and to make sure she’s on top of the game."

It's said that 'Grown Woman,' which appears in a Pepsi ad, was supposed to be the first single, but it was transferred to the spot instead. Also, 'Bow Down' got flack for the lyrics -- you know, that whole "Bow down, b----es" thing. So Bey supposedly decided against making that a single.

We know it's Bey's world and we just live in it, but she would be wise to stop trying to recreate 'Single Ladies.' That was lightning in a bottle.

She can have (and has had) tons of successful singles in her lifetime, but that doesn't mean she should replicate what was a specific moment in time and thereby holding up the release of future hits.

We look forward to her future big moments and killer singles.

Bring it, Bey! We're getting impatient over here.

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