Today Century,Bismarck High,Mandan and Shiloh students will cross the threshold of youth to a new life. What lies ahead college, working,traveling, figuring out what you want to be for the rest of your life? Today is a special day because its 13 years of hard work, rigorous classes, exams, mistakes, games, community service,arts, performing,boyfriend's, classroom changes, wardrobe changes and growing experiences. So when you see the class of 2013 scribbled on someone's car, honk and tell them congratulations. When you head to their open house, take them some cash that they can put in the bank for their future. When you see them out listen to them, believe in them, the class of 2013 will one day lead North Dakota and we want them to know we are cheering them on!

Congratulations to HOT 975 employees Carter and Levi on your huge accomplishment today! Cheers to all graduates in Bismarck-Mandan today.