Bismarck Mandan Rentals, a property management company, made an interesting post on Facebook yesterday. They announced they would no longer be accepting new applications for ND Rent Help . It's my understanding that this does not affect those currently receiving Rent Help.

Jobs Are Out There

In the post, they explain there are plenty of opportunities out there for people to be able to afford their rent, and that our community needs to get back to the "Old normal."

This is the first property management company to make this move. In the Facebook post, they said they hope other property management companies will follow suit.

Take a look at the post.

I will admit, nearly every business is hiring in our community. Are they justified in making this statement? Do you agree?

People Are Split On The Decision

Looking through the comments many applaud this decision, saying people need to get back to work. Others took offense and said this company is calling them lazy. Some said they use this assistance and are currently employed.

Do They Get Paid Either Way?

A woman posed a question in the comments, asking why it matters if they get rental assistance. She said "Don't you get paid either way?" Many agreed and are puzzled. Others quipped that there are stipulations landlords must follow when a person accepts ND Rent Help that makes being profitable difficult.

The Other Thing:

Many are saying that people who use ND Rent help also helps elderly and disabled people and refusing to accept this is discriminatory.

ND Rent Help was created in June of 2021. It replaced the existing "Emergency Rent Bridge" program. It was created in light of COVID-19.


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