Is the construction on Bismarck Expressway Bridge almost complete?

I take Bismarck Expressway to-and-from work five days a week. All summer long, the construction has been clogging up Bismarck Expressway between Bismarck and Mandan. And it can be especially difficult to get anywhere fast where all the congestion gathers at Bismarck Expressway and Third. But the construction seems to be cleaning up, or so I thought!

The construction on the bridge no longer spans as far, but it has shifted lanes!

This morning, while driving west on Expressway, towards Mandan, I made sure to be in the left lane - like I have been doing for weeks. I did not want to be one of those degenerates trying to zip around 15 cars to lead the pack into construction! But, all of a sudden, like three people in front of me got into the right lane. I thought they were trying to pass this big construction vehicle, but they were switching lanes because the closed lane shifted overnight!

Why is there no warning about the lane shift BEFORE we get to it?

It would have been nice to get a warning sign before the light because we have been conditioned to be in the left lane all summer long. But, the construction that starts at the bottom of the west-bound Bismarck Expressway Bridge is now on the left side of the road. If you can remember that, you will now want to get into the right lane before the light.

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