According to who you talk to, the "first snow of the season" is defined by an inch of new snowfall, or at least the ground is completely covered.

This is going to be the latest first snow of the season in Bismarck Mandan in the last three seasons.  We've had October and even September snow the last few years.  So, here we are into November, in fact almost halfway through it and we finally have a decent shot of snowfall this week.  You more than likely won't need the snowblower for these systems, but it could be measurable/shovable snow.

The first system is something the weather experts have been talking about for a week now.  That system will actually begin as rain tonight in Bismarck.  Look for rain likely late tonight and it could linger into Wednesday morning.  That's part one of the first system to impact us and that will not bring us snow.  However, the wrap-around moisture will develop late Wednesday night (part two) and will turn to all snow by Thursday morning.  It's unlikely we will see much accumulation if any at this time with this first system in Bismarck Mandan.  It looks like eastern North Dakota and in particular northeast, North Dakota has the best chance for measurable snow at this time for Thursday.  Here's a video from Valley News Live showing that.

The second system might be our best bet for our first official snow in Bismarck.  An Alberta Clipper will move through on Saturday.  As you can see by this video from Valley News Live again, Bismarck appears to be right in the bullseye.

Alberta Clippers don't generally dump a bunch of snow on us. They're more of a wind event, but a couple of inches of snow or more is possible.  We'll have to keep an eye on Saturday's event especially as it could cause some travel issues depending on timing.  There you have it.  Let it Snow Bismarck Mandan!




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