You might have noticed signs on the outside of Bismarck-Mandan stores that say "Coming Soon" with a line through the Dan's Supermarket name. You may have even noticed some of the big letters already coming down off the buildings.

Dan's Supermarket is undergoing a rebrand and will soon have a new name.


What Will It Be Named?

After speaking to several employees and people in the community, we've come to find that the store will soon be called "Family Fare."

What Is Family Fare?

Family Fare is not a new name; it's actually a supermarket chain that's been around for more than 60 years. There are stores scattered throughout the upper Midwest in states such as Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Family Fare's parent company, SpartanNash, acquired the Dan's Supermarket chain several years ago and has been buying several other stores, such as "Shop-N-Save Food Centers."

Why The Name Change?

According to, SpartanNash has been working to consolidate all of the stores under four primary banners. This came about after doing "Banner equity studies."

According to the source the four banners will be as follows:

Family Fare - conventional/mass stores

Supermercado - culturally specialized stores

Martin's - upmarket stores.

D&W Fresh Market - upmarket stores

As of last year (2022) SpartanNash operated 147 grocery stores, according to the source.

When Will It Change?

According to KFYR TV, the Bismarck-Mandan stores will complete the name change next month (August).

Keep your eyes open for these changes coming to our local stores. Thanks for reading!

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