Every year people want to discuss the songs of the summer. We have decided to look at the advertising songs of the summer.

Certainly many of these jingles have been around for a while and don't only play during the summer. But let's take a look at some of the jingles and songs that our advertisers on Townsquare Media's radio stations in Bismarck and Mandan have blessed our ears with and discuss how awesome they are.

The jingles below are listed in alphabetical order. If it was up to us, they would all be winners of best advertising song of the summer. Technically I guess it is up to us. But we're not taking sides.

  • Auto Finance Super Center

    This jingle makes me feel like I am on my way to a NASCAR race and i feel like I should be inside a trailer drinking beer and eating anything from a grill.

  • Bismarck Heating and Air

    This is the Medora Musical of commercials. It is also a big middle finger to any time travelers from the 1800s. Oh you don't have heating or air conditioning in your era? Well in this day and age we dance and sing on stage about our heating and air conditioning. Welcome to the 21st century.

    Why someone from the 1800s would have a time machine but not heating and cooling is beyond me. But this is my hypothetical so what I say goes.

  • BNC National Bank

    This may be one of the most comforting jingles ever. It is incredibly soothing. I want to play this on repeat during a big thunderstorm.

  • Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse

    In Mandan, there are signs that say "Where the West Begins." Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse of course is not in Mandan technically. But it is close enough. No jingle says, "welcome to the west" quite like this one.

  • Capital RV

    I sure hope they have something for everyone. After hearing this, I want to call all my friends and family and tell them to go get an RV. If they already have one, they should get another one.

  • Hardware Hank

    I am not good at handy work. But now I just want to go talk to Hank and have him show me everything there is to know.

  • Hirsch Florist

    If there was any jingle in the world that could be used as a couple's first dance at a wedding, it would be this one. I'm pretty sure the folks at Hirsch got Celine Dion to sing this one. You can't tell me that's not Celine Dion.

  • Jack's Steakhouse

    The phrase that represents both your knowledge of steak and the 2016 Presidential election.

  • Menards

    What makes me happy about this jingle is the fact that they say, "big money." When I hear "big money" I think of the old game show Press Your Luck and later Whammy.

    BIG MONEY. BIG MONEY. STOP! No whammies at Menards!