It has been hazy in Bismarck and Mandan recently. I know I have personally felt stuffy and my eyes are so dry, my eyelids could probably stick open. But our smoky inconvenience is nothing compared to the firey chaos that's happening in our country (I'm NOT talking politically). Thanks to the fires near the West Coast, our air quality has kind of sucked.

More North Dakota fire crews have headed out to Oregon to help fight the forest fires. According to KX News, eight firefighters from Minot and Bismarck are joining 13 other North Dakota firefighters who already went out West fighting the fires. Get the full story from KX News here.

The KX News story also says that even more firefighters may be headed out to Oregon in the near future. I have to say that I am proud of our North Dakota firefighters who are putting their lives and jobs on hold to fight the blazes lighting up Oregon. How selfless of you all to take on a challenge like forest fires in another state.

I know "North Dakota Nice" is about being friendly to everyone and helping others in need. But I didn't realize how far that message could go until these North Dakota firefighters decided to fight fires in other states.

I may complain about living in North Dakota when it gets tundra-like here. But I am thankful that our natural disasters don't cause mass devastation. I can't imagine what it it is like to experience a rampant fire. My thoughts are with the people and wildlife suffering because of the fires.

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