The minimum age for body piercing in Bismarck has been modified from 16 to 14.

The City of Bismarck has altered an ordinance pertaining to teenagers and piercings. According to KFYR-TVthe city has decided to lower the legal body piercing age from 16 to 14. The report states that lowering the age will be good for local piercing businesses because teenagers will get pierced locally rather than traveling out of town.

Do not fear, 14-year-olds still can't get pierced without an adult.

If you are concerned about your young teenager running out to get a bunch of piercings, you need not worry. They still need to have a guardian present to do it. But should we be concerned that 14 is a little young to let kids get body piercings?

Is it concerning that we are allowing 14-year-olds to get body piercings?

I will first mention that I am not a parent, so I know I do not have much room to speak about the situation. But I was once a teenager, so I guess I could try to speak from that standpoint. I do not really see an issue with lowering the legal piercing age to 14 years old.

As someone who grew up in a pretty typical, conservative North Dakota household, I know for a fact my parents would never let that happen. I was just happy when my parents let me pierce my ears for a second time as a teenager! But I think we should totally let 14-year-olds get piercings if they want them. There are a lot worse things kids could be doing, right?

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