A recent incident captured on someone's doorbell camera video has caused quite a stir in Bismarck. This is involving a few Bismarck Police officers in their attempt to stop a fleeing individual on his longboarder. Videos are so prevalent it seems in every city, large or small. We (the viewers) are left to come up with our own opinion, of what is right or wrong.

August 22nd at night, a male was identified as breaking the law

According to KFYR TV, a citizen's doorbell camera captured the attempt of officers chasing down a 32-year old man for skateboarding in the street at night. The suspect Seth Voegele of Mandan chose not to stop after officers were yelling at him to do so.

Controversy from the reactions of the officers has begun

"In the video, the officers can be heard asking Voegele to stop. They also are heard swearing and saying, “Bro, do you want to fight?” KFYR TV reported. How many times have we seen this happen? When is it crystal clear to someone that the Police are trying to get you to STOP? Trying to elude the authorities is a complete act of guilt, and it puts officers on the alert.

This matter is being looked into

When you watch the video, you can hear the words being said, you can attempt to judge for yourself whether there was any excessive force. Lieutenant Luke Gardiner admits there was “Clearly there is a lot of swear words in there. That is something that Bismarck PD does not condone, and it will be addressed with those officers"

Accusations of trying to start a fight

In the video, as the officers began to detain the suspect - "Bro, do you want to fight?" can be heard? Was this too much of a forceful gesture? Depends, you can dissect that in many ways. This is what will be discussed.

Final thoughts

Unless you have walked in a police officer's shoes, think about the uncertainty they face every single day - is this person armed? Why is the suspect NOT complying with a simple plea of STOP? If you put the police in a defensive mode, and you resist, you are making the matter a thousand times worse. What's the worst that can happen? You get either a warning or a ticket for breaking the law - YOUR attitude means everything.


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