It's finally happened. The U.S. has finally adapted to our subzero temperatures and made Bismarck a premiere spot to live in. Thanks, polar vortex!

That's not true at all. However, what is true is that Bismarck ranks as the 6th most livable capital city in the U.S. The wizards at WalletHub have once again done the research and found that across 54 different metrics, Bismarck ranked in the top 10 in several categories.

North Dakota scored well in the following:

  • 1st in low unemployment rate
  • 2nd in low percentage of people in poverty
  • 5th in median household income (adjusted for cost of living)
  • 8th in housing affordability
  • 10th in overall health conditions

That's pretty impressive, statistically speaking.

Of course, I've always been big on citing the intangibles of Bismarck, like the fact that we experience the four seasons here. Yes, winter might be much longer, but the feel of spring and fall make up for it. And don't even get me started on the beautiful summers in Bismarck. They're fantastic, and you're able to go on the river every day if you want.

There's also the whole 'North Dakota Nice' factor which really speaks for itself. Of the seven different cities I've lived in throughout the country, the people here are by far the best and are the number one reason why I like it so much here when people ask that question, "Why do you like it so much?" The answer is the great people here.

Anyway, good job Bismarck! It turns out we're pretty awesome!

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