As I mentioned in a recent blog, I've spent the better part of the last five days watching the 'Every Simpsons Ever' marathon on FXX and, though I recall seeing the episode many moons ago, I completely forgot that Bismarck was referenced during season two.

At the very beginning of episode two of The Simpsons second season, the family is sitting around watching a TV game show when the following transpires, which you can see above:

Game Show Host: OK, the capitol of North Dakota is named after what German ruler?
Homer: Hitler!

Marge: Hitler, North Dakota?
Patty and Selma: Bismarck!
Girl on Game Show: Bismarck!
Bart: Hitler?
Homer: I'm still beating you, boy.

The 'Every Simpsons Ever' marathon continues on FXX until they've played all 552 episodes.