I cannot believe the amount of vehicle theft and vandalism that happens in Bismarck and Mandan. I swear, I constantly see and hear complaints about cars being messed with here. Luckily, I have not been a victim of such tomfoolery. But is it just a matter of time before my car is targeted?

According to KFYR-TV, the Bismarck Police are looking for someone who went around slashing tires early yesterday morning (August 3). The news report says that, around 4:30 yesterday morning, nine cars on East Arbor Avenue got their tires slashed. Get the full story and description of the supspect here.

The story also says that the tire slashing case is currently under investigation. Hopefully, the perpetrator is found soon, so they don't get another chance to strike. With a tire slasher on the loose, I kind of wish I had a garage to park my car. Coming out to my car to discover slashed tires right before a workday is not ideal.

I think if something like this ever happened to my car, I would feel so violated. Honestly, how creepy is it that people find joy in intentional destruction of personal property? If you must destroy things, destroy your own stuff. Figure it out.

I know it can be hard to catch people sneaking around in the dark while most are sleeping, but please report this type of activity to the police if you see it.

Have you ever had your vehicle vandalized or broken in to?

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