Though we are attempting to get North Dakota society back to normal, we are still told to practice safe social distancing. As we've seen in the past weeks, people are getting creative with their social distancing practices. Bismarck Public Schools are sending music through the town while we hang out at our homes.

Tonight, Bismarck Public Schools are putting on a sort of neighborhood concert. Since Band Night had to be cancelled, the BPS band/orchestra department is having their students perform in their driveways. All BPS students in grades 4-12 have been instructed to play a music selection that was composed by the teachers. The song is called "Ode to Band Night," and you can hear this (from your driveway) tonight.

Basically, this is a five-minute concert for all of our friends and neighbors in Bismarck. From 6:00 PM this evening until about 6:05, the BPS kids will bring their instruments to the ends of their driveways and play "Ode to Band Night" for their neighborhoods. The last note will play at 6:01:30, and then the song will repeat once at 6:03 PM.

What a wonderful way to kick-start our weekend here in Bismarck-Mandan. The idea of "Ode to Band Night" is to bring us together from our homes. If you have a BPS student in your neighborhood, step outside this evening to enjoy a little live student concert. I live in an apartment, any BPS kids there? I'd sure love to hear the music.


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