The Bismarck Public School Board held its latest meeting on Monday, June 13th and it had plenty of fireworks before the 4th of July.

It all started with former Bismarck High hockey coach and concerned citizen Brad Miller speaking about his concerns over the board's conduct over the last year.  He believes an independent 3rd party needs to come in and evaluate the Superintendent's report and review the conduct of the board.  He doesn't think they're prevailing truthful information to the public.

Mr. Miller believes the board is more focused on expanding their budgets on the property aspect rather than the children of Bismarck public schools.  "That brings up a lot of concerns", said Mr. Miller.

Each speaker at a school board meeting gets 4 minutes to address the board.  Mr. Miller asked if he could get 12.  That drew some laughs from the crowd and board.  The answer was "no, you get 4."  However, it just so happens there is a loophole around that rule.  The next citizen who came forward said "As per Roberts Rules of Order, I concede my time to speak for another speaker on their behalf."  Boom, Mr. Miller then proceeded to come back up to the podium and continue speaking.  Brilliant.  This dog and pony show continued for several more citizens who all gave their time to Mr. Miller.

He went on to add the lack of transparency of the board was a concern.  He requested information in emails from the Bismarck School Board that was a real struggle to get.  Over the last 4 years, the budgets have increased by 22% and the people's property taxes have increased by 21%, according to Mr. Miller.

Miller was not the only citizen to speak up concerning the conduct of the board.  Several "scathing" speakers took to the stand also. The School Board is expected to address the accusations at the next school board meeting.  You can see the full video below.

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