Jordan, originally from Bismarck, is in the middle of tryouts for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. 

Jordan cheered for the Minnesota Vikings last year and hopes to return as a veteran for the 2016-2017 season.

Although you may recognize her from national television or a Vikings game, Jordan actually got her start here in Bismarck. She was a 2009 graduate from Bismarck High School and formerly a member of the BHS Demonette Dance Team. She was even able to catch up with her old team while visiting Bismarck with the Vikings this past September.

TSM Bismarck

Jordan, along with the other contestants, had semifinals on Sunday, April 10th. This included a swimsuit pageant, onstage introductions and interviews, and a solo performance.

60 finalists will move on and perform Tuesday, April 19th at the Mall of America. The final team will be announced on Wednesday, April 20th.

As if making the team last year and becoming one of the 60 finalists wasn't impressive enough, if she makes the team, Jordan could be on the cover of the new calendar! She and 9 other MVC hopefuls will compete for the cover if they make the team.

Follow Jordan's journey on the MVC Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or official website.

Go Jordan! We hope to see you in purple and gold another year!