Changes are coming to the Shelter Belt building in Bismarck; a local food truck is moving into the storefront.


With support from the BisMan community, the 'Brew N' Que' food truck is opening a new location, and even changing its name.

Look for "The Firepit" to soon take over the "Shelter Belt" building on North 3rd St. in downtown Bismarck.

An announcement was made on the Brew N' Cue Facebook page, explaining the business is completely rebranding. A new location, a new menu, and a new name -- it's all changing.


Brew N' Que did once have another storefront. Unfortunately, it closed its doors in April of 2019 due to staffing issues.

The owner continued working on a plan to serve the BisMan community with delicious food.

The Firepit

The Firepit will officially open next Friday, April 14th. Brisket, ribs, and all sorts of Southern-style food will be served at the restaurant.

The business' Facebook page boasts "Open pit" cooking and having more than just barbeque foods.

According to the Facebook post, the owners also plan to have a bar, but that will be slightly delayed; it will open later this spring.

More Food Options

The Bismarck-Mandan food scene continues to grow, and I, for one, am excited to stop into this new place and see what they've done with the Shelter Belt building.

NOTE: I've reached out to the owner, who told me they are focusing on perfecting the grand opening. More details on the business soon to come!
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