Summer is in the rearview window and fall is here. We've been fortunate, the last two winters have been mild. Forecasters are calling for a frigid, even bitterly cold winter for the region in the coming year.

I say fortunate, and that is only if you wish or hope for a milder winter.       Accuweather published their winter forecast for 2016-2017. The forecast released today is calling for developing snow in early December and as the winter of 2017 continues, the predicted temperatures will average 6-9 degrees lower than last winter. A snow covered ground keeps the temperatures lower. Parts of Minnesota and The Dakotas, the forecasters are even predicting some nights to be 20-30 degrees below zero! Get ready, the darker days, the colder nights and the Dakota winter is near and could be brutal.


Snow fall is predicted to be above normal in comparison to last year with the snowpact ground remaining until early spring.